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Bmw 1 Series or similar

Price €63,20 /day

Low Cost Car Rentals
  • Price Per Day

    • 23/08/19 €63,20

  • Equipment €0,00

BMW 1 Series or similar, an intermediate Elite car, up to 5 Passengers with 5 doors. Car group I

Car Features

  • 2 Pieces Hand Luggage
  • 2 Pieces of Luggage
  • 5 Doors
  • Diesel
  • Manual Transmission
  • Up to 5 Passengers

Default Equipment

  • Climate Control
  • FM Radio
  • Power Door Locks
  • Power Windows
  • Stereo CD/MP3

Pickup Features

  • Airport charges incl. (work hours)
  • Hotel Deliveries & Colects

Discount Information

# Date Start Date End Price
1 01/02/2017 04/06/2017 €63,20 €33,61
2 04/18/2017 06/01/2017 €63,20 €33,61
3 10/01/2017 12/14/2017 €63,20 €33,61
4 04/07/2017 04/17/2017 €63,20 €44,13
5 06/02/2017 06/29/2017 €63,20 €44,13
6 08/28/2017 09/30/2017 €63,20 €44,13
7 12/15/2017 01/01/2018 €63,20 €44,13
8 06/30/2017 07/13/2017 €63,20 €63,20
9 07/14/2017 08/13/2017 €63,20 €63,20
10 08/14/2017 08/27/2017 €63,20 €63,20
  • CDW (Collision Damage Coverage), Circulation Fee and 24h Roadside Assistance.
  • Motor vehicle civil responsibility insurance;
  • The airport charges are free for a period equal or superior to 2 days rental.
  • All values include 23% VAT unless otherwise stated.

  • The above mentioned car models and colors are subject to available at the moment of the rental and subject to fleet renovation (illustrative image).
  • The presented values are subject to change without notice (lapses detection, revision rates / periods / VAT, temporal validity, …).


Rent a Car Low Cost through his partner (identified below as SR) rents to the client (identified on the rental agreement), through this contract, the vehicle indicated therein, the terms and conditions herein.

You agree and accept that received the vehicle in good condition and in good condition and return the vehicle to the SR station where it was rented or previously agreed location, the conditions in which it was given to him, with all documents, spare tire , anti hole spray, tools, accessories, fuel level and equipment.
The vehicle can not be used:
a) to transport goods in violation of customs regulations or any other illegal practices;
b) to carry passengers or goods in exchange for any compensation or remuneration;
c) to push or tow a vehicle or trailer;
d) in sporting competitions;
e) by any person under the influence of alcohol or narcotics;
f) To transport passengers or goods in violation of that on the matter, if you have the single document automobile vehicle and the other applicable legal rules.
The customer will also be responsible for the driver of the vehicle, by him, which must be over 25 years of age (or lower if conditionally accepted) and valid driving license holder and with at least one year of issue.

The rental starts from the date and time of pickup and ends on the date and time the vehicle return that stated in this contract, without prejudice to the SR can later charge additional expenses, which are only detected after the return of the vehicle.
The extension or contract update, lacks the knowledge and authorization of the SR
If the agreed date of the end of the lease does not check the return of the vehicle (unless there is re-agreement), gives the SR the right to cancel the coverage and ask the seizure of the vehicle with the competent police and judicial authorities.
The rented car is intended to circulate in the country. Departure abroad (subject to conditions) requires prior authorization of SR and will not have insurance coverage getting the customer with due responsibility.
The SR has the right to reduce the rental period and demand the immediate return of the vehicle without prejudice to the compensation to which he is entitled.
The client expressly acknowledges his personal responsibility shall pay the SR the following amounts:
a) of all kilometers traveled by the vehicle during the rental in case of tampering or failure of the odometer (these will be calculated according to 10% more road map). The odometer should always be gauged and sealed;
b) the costs for the rental period, rates in return for the assumption by the client SR produced by the liability for damage to the vehicle in the case and the conditions to be agreed in advance;
c) an additional fee of recovery / delivery vehicle is raised and delivered in different seasons or other pre-agreed locations;
d) all fines and judicial or extrajudicial expenses, for any offenses on the road, or circulation in concession sites, such as tolls and former Scuts;
e) SR expenses that are due on the collection of outstanding claims because of the customer;
f) SR expenses for repairs and damages caused by accidents in the event that was not agreed to assume responsibility for SR;
g) charges with minor damage, resulting from the use of the vehicle during the rental period. Are considered further damage, those which are not marked at the time of commencement of the rental, and whose conference is joint obligation of the customer and the hirer.
The loss or misplacement of documents and / or the vehicle key is also the customer’s responsibility and requires the payment thereof, subject to the prices in force at the time of its occurrence, between 150 euros and 350 euros.
You authorize and has since accepted the “late charge” on your credit card used for initial payment for additional expenses calculated after the return of the vehicle, related to manual and electronic tolling, parking fines and road traffic offenses during rental period, insurance deductibles, damages and other miscellaneous charges arising from the rental agreement.

The rented vehicle is insured in accordance with the legal provisions of the country – compulsory insurance; the insurance covered capital covering the liability are included in the prices in force as well as accident coverage for collision (CDW) – limits the customer’s own responsibility for accident collision damage.
It is not included in the price: other insurance, fuel, tolls and Scuts, collect fees, parking fees, washes, fines and in case of accident towing the vehicle to the Sado Rent station of origin.
Customer agrees to protect the interests of SR in case of an accident during the period of this rental, as follows:
a) notify the SR within 24 hours, any accident, theft or fire, even in case of small loss and provide you with a detailed report, including sketches;
b) call the police immediately whenever there is third party intervention or if the vehicle is prevented from circulating;
c) mention participation in the circumstances in which the accident occurred, the date, time, location, point names and addresses of the parties and witnesses, as well as registration marks, insurance company and policy number of the third vehicle;
d) does not admit in any case, guilt or responsibility;
e) not leave the vehicle without taking appropriate protective measures.
In the event of failure of one of the obligations prescribed in this agreement the customer will be responsible for paying all expenses and losses advenientes accidents, even in the case of any article derogation clause 1043º of the Civil Code, referred to in paragraph 2, paragraph f) of this contract.
All damage to vehicle SR resulting from the misuse of that will be paid by the customer, even if including CDW, or conditional option Super CDW – reduction franchise offset by additional importance.
The protection indicated in the previous paragraph, if no collision, do not exempt the customer’s payment of damages in the upper and lower parts of the vehicle (eg: roof scraping, eg in underground parking / damage to the underside of the car with fluid loss – eg .: oil).
The CDW covers or Super CDW also become void in case of accident by negligence, speeding and driving under the influence of alcohol, narcotics or drugs diminishers of driving ability. In such cases the customer will pay the SR all the repair costs and compensation corresponding to the downtime of the crashed vehicle.
In the case of inclusion of conditional option coverage LDW (TW, CDW) – theft coverage, ie, damages or losses caused by deterioration, destruction or disappearance of the SR of the vehicle for theft of reason, theft or theft of use (tried , frustrated or accomplished) and coverage in case of accident, ie, shock, collision or rollover – the customer’s responsibility will be to ensure the damage or injury caused in SR vehicle, up to the amount of the franchise. Occurring theft, documentary evidence presentation is essential complaint made to the police, stating the stamp of this entity.
Specifically in the CDW coverage, LDW (CDW and TW) and Super CDW are excluded from the following damages:
a) resulting from movement in places not meant for the vehicle (eg on the beach, mountains or some appropriate roads.);
b) originated from the poor state of roads or paths, when this does not give rise shock, collision or rollover;
c) the wheels, tires and inner tubes that do not result from shock, collision or rollover of the vehicle;
d) generated directly by mud, tar or other materials used in the construction of roads;
e) resulting from the use of vehicles for any type of racing or competition;
f) caused by excessive load or transport objects that may endanger the stability of the vehicle;
g) caused by objects transported or during loading and unloading;
h) intentionally created by the Customer or any person who is responsible;
I) caused intentionally or unintentionally by the occupants with any objects thrown;
j) from the constant violation of traffic rules in the Highway Code;
k) arising on the windscreen and other windows of the vehicle;
l) consisting of lost profits, loss of profits or results sustained by the customer due to deprivation of use, replacement expenses or vehicle depreciation.
Customers can also optionally request the WDW covers – damage cover glasses (including breaks) and PAI – personal accident cover with capital of € 1,500 for medical and hospital expenses and 15 000 for death or disability.
The customer exempts the SR any liability for loss of any objects left, stored or transported by you or any other person in or on the vehicle during the rental period or after the return of the same SR.
The customer is obliged to outside periods of use, have the vehicle properly closed and locked, or not leave visible objects and likely to cause the theft or damage to the vehicle. Otherwise, you will lose coverage against theft or against glasses (WDW), if you have hired such protection.

The normal mechanical maintenance resulting from normal use of the vehicle is due to the SR Any necessary expenses for minor repairs diligenciadas by the customer (including bulbs, fuses, oil replacement) of a value of € 15 (incl. VAT) require authorization of SR and, whatever the amount, it will only be reimbursed on presentation of the supporting invoice and on behalf of Sado Rent SA, with taxpayer number No. 502766883.

Fuel is always paid by the customer. In case of introduction of different fuel used by the vehicle, the customer is responsible for the expenses of the full replacement of fuel, dismantling and cleaning the tank, engine tuning and other damage to the vehicle, without opposition of their amounts.

The client authorizes the SR to proceed to automatic processing of personal data provided and contained in this agreement and in accordance with Law No. 67/98 of 28 October, Data Protection Act, is guaranteed to issuers, their responsible and / or named users access to their personal data for the purposes of its rectification, updating or modification; against the provisions of Article 6 of that law, the client also authorizes the SR, in the case of breach of contract, communicate your personal data to the ARAC, for inclusion in customer database defaulters and subsequent disclosure by associated companies.

Important: Besides the booking confirmation e-mail that you receive when submitting a booking through our website (this e-mail only confirms that your booking request was submitted with success and gives you a booking reference nr., it does not asure the vehicle for the requested dates), all reservations to be valid must be confirmed by our booking department by phone or e-mail and depending on the seasons it may be requested you an initial payment in order to asure the car.

Airport Charges: The prices do not include airport charges, that are 1.50€/day to a maximum of 15€ per booking (tax incl.) during the periods from June 30th to August 27th.

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