So, you’re travelling to Lisbon?

So, you’re travelling to Lisbon?

Portugal’s biggest city, Lisbon, was once the most important city in the world: during the height of the Portuguese Empire, its capital was the place-to-be. Vibrating with trade and commerce from all across the world, this cosmopolitan city was thriving and soon began to be a true melting-pot of culture and ideals. Through the years, Portugal’s capital may have lost its place as the top dog of economic powerhouses, but the magic and spirit of a by-gone era is still very much present… along with all the thrilling excitement of a modern European capital!
Naturally, a city with such background will have plenty of places to visit and points of interest to see. That being said, what better way to go through all the magic and diversity of Lisbon without missing anything than to rent a car at Rent a Car Low Cost? With our unbeatable prices and utmost quality service, you will be cruising effortlessly through Lisbon’s busy, eventful, beautiful streets.
Now that you have your rental car, it’s time to check out the city! Where to start?
After taking a stroll through the Pombaline Downtown, gazing in awe at the fantastic architecture of Praça do Comércio and its Triumphal Arch, you can hop back into your rental car and drive off to Belém, a lovely neighbourhood packed with interesting and historical locations.

The Mosteiro dos Jerónimos and Torre de Belém, Manueline architecture landmarks, will certainly leave any visitor bewildered.

padrao-descobrimentos lisboa

The astonishing Padrão dos Descobrimentos, a monument to the Portuguese Discovery Period, will also allow you to drink in all that historical awesomeness.

Afterwards, it’s snack-time! Luckily for you, you’re in Belém, home of the world-famous Pastéis de Belém, a lovely traditional Portuguese pastry that has been leaving people’s mouths watering for almost two centuries!




Next, you can drive up to Alfama, a gorgeous old neighbourhood towered by the majestic São Jorge Castle. There, you can get wonderfully lost in the maze-like narrow streets and soak up all of Lisbon’s identity.

After dinner, you should think about enjoying a bit of Lisbon’s night life. With Rent a Car Low Cost’s rental services, you can easily go to the most vibrant neighbourhood of the Lisboeta night, Bairro Alto, and have a blast with your friends and even meet some locals! For the artistically inclined tourist, Lisbon also offers magnificent art collections at museums like the Ancient Art Museum or the Calouste Gulbenkian Museum.


Sports enthusiasts will have their hands full as well with the city’s rich sports history, especially regarding football. Lisbon is home to three historical Portuguese football clubs, Benfica, Sporting and Belenenses. These three clubs have wonderful stadiums that every football fan should visit in their lifetime and Rental Car Low Cost’s rental car service is just what you need to accomplish that.

Here at Rent a Car Low Cost, we know that travelling is one of life’s greatest pleasures. But we also know all the hassles that come with it, and we are here to help make them go away. For your commodity, Rent a Car Low Cost.

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